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The New Jersey Tort Claims Act (the TCA) limits the liability of public entities and governmental bodies for injuries caused to individuals on public property as a result of a dangerous condition of property or because of the negligent actions of public employees. There are limited circumstances where the state, a county, city, town or other public entity may be sued and held responsible for damages. Public entities can mistakenly be viewed as deep pockets by plaintiffs and their lawyers. In the present budget–capped reality you must retain experienced, results-oriented, cost conscious, and aggressive legal counsel to protect your rights. The attorneys at CraigAnninBaxter Law can help.

We provide full-service representation to municipalities and other public entities, including towns, cities and county governments, and their boards and agencies. We handle claims involving:

  • The New Jersey Tort Claims Act;
  • Section 1983 civil rights actions;
  • Employment and Civil Service actions.

We meticulously gather, assess and preserve all evidence supporting your position, and will skillfully prepare and file all documents required to protect your interests in court. We will also be your advocate in all hearings or proceedings, from deposition to trial.

At CraigAnninBaxter Law, our partners have decades of trial experience and have experience as Municipal Solicitors, Council Members, and as a Deputy Attorney General responsible for defending the State and State agencies. We have a thorough understanding of the TCA, and of the circumstances when a municipality has partial or total immunity from liability. We can quickly advise you regarding potential liability for:

  • Injuries sustained as a result of a dangerous condition of public property;
  • Injuries caused by the carelessness or negligence of a municipal employee;
  • Injuries resulting from exercising discretionary judgment granted to a municipal official or entity

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